Best 17 tourist destinations in Tunisia

Tunisia is considered one of the most visited countries of North Africa. In fact, Tourists adore this country, not only for its sandy beaches but also for its eye-pleasing landscapes. Visitors of Tunisia are amazed every year by its seaside resorts and magnificent oases. If you have decided to go to Tunisia and you aren’t sure about which city you should visit first, here are some of the best 16 tourist destinations in this beautiful country.


Located on the northern side of the country, Bizerte is one of the oldest cities in Tunisia. You can easily notice that by simply visiting its antique ports which once were an important crossing station for Phoenician and Roman traders.

These days, the boats of the fishermen are a great addition to the charming decor of the town. There is also the park of Ichkel in this city, where you can see the rare bird and animal species protected by the UNESCO.


Tabarka is situated a dozen kilometers away from the Algerian borders, its landscape is formed of a mixture between mountains and sea.

If you visit this city you’ll discover the natural sculptures formed by the waves and the rain which are called the needles of Tabarka. Jazz artists from all over the world come to perform at Tabarka’s jazz festivals every year, and a lot of tourists enjoy these occasions too.

Ain Draham

At 20 km away from Tabarka, the city of ain Draham is located. This town is well known for its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views.
Those who appreciate the beauty of nature can ride a bike or take a walk through the forests of ain Draham to enjoy the fresh air.
A lot of hotels organize hunting sessions for those who want to discover this passion, also, visitors of ain Draham can enjoy the natural hot water sources in this area.

Tunis: Tunisia’s capital

The city of Tunis, also known as the capital of Tunisia is where you’ll love shopping in the souks which sell numerous goods and multiple handcrafted products.
You can discover the Tunisian culture and history by visiting some of the most popular sites in the town of Tunis including the citadel of Kasbah which was built long ago to protect the city from the invaders, the Medina, and the Al-Zaytuna mosque.


The beach of Kelibia city was listed as the 7th best beach in the world by the American magazine called ” Daily News Big”, it was also described as one of the best sandy beaches of the Mediterranean sea. Since that, Kelibia became a frequently visited city where tourists can enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the golden sand.

From a distance, you can see the fort of Kelibia which is a citadel that once dominated the Mediterranean sea.


Hammamet is the perfect place for those who like to party all thanks to the numerous nightclubs and restaurants located in the city. It’s the ideal seaside resort for many politicians and cinema stars. Thanks to its luxurious hotels, this city attracts many tourists, where they can rest in the city’s pools and hammams.

If you would like to experience an adrenaline rush, you can visit Hammamet’s famous amusement park Carthage Land, where both adults and kids can have a great time.


A lot of tourists visit Nabeul city to discover and buy its famous handcrafted products. A variety of visitors from different cultures are impressed and fascinated by the products sold at the pottery and weaving workshops situated in this city.

Nabeul is also known for its orange blossoms, in this town, you can easily find a bigaradier in almost every house garden.


If you are a person who likes to take walks on the beach you will find your happiness in the city of Sousse. This modern town which is known as ” the pearl of the Sahel” also has a rich history.

Some of the popular sites that you can visit in Sousse are the Medina and the Al-Kantaoui port which is a very animated place, especially at night where you can admire the yachts and try the delicious street food.


The city of Monastir is home to numerous historical monuments. In the past, it was occupied by the Phoenicians and the Romans. in the medina of Monastir, there is a citadel named Ribat built to protect the city from invaders. It’s also the hometown of the ancient Tunisian president.This city is also home to the Bourguiba mosque.

This huge mosque, decorated in 86 pink marble columns, attracts around 100 000 tourists every year.


The city of Mahdia is well known for its beautiful, gorgeous sandy beaches where numerous luxurious hotels were constructed.On deck chairs, by the sea, many visitors of this town can enjoy the sunny weather while sipping a cocktail or reading some magazines.

Water sports lovers can find their happiness in this city by practicing jet ski or sailboarding.There is also a surfing school in Mahdia where both adults and kids can learn a new passion.


Located in the south of Tunisia, most of the city’s landscapes are ruled by the desert. A trip on a 4×4 will help you discover the Chott el Djérid, which is a lake surrounded by an oasis containing around 500 000 palm trees.

If you intend on traveling to Tozeur, visiting the museum of Dar Cheraït might be a great idea.This museum which was built in 1990, is where you can learn more about middle eastern tales and discover the traditions of Tozeur.


If you love sleeping under starry skies, camping at Ain Essebat can be a perfect idea for you. This camp in Ksar Ghilane attracts many tourists who come from all over the world to discover and enjoy the barbarian lifestyle.

Guides in this city will show you your way around the huge desert of kebili, where to eat, and how you can protect yourself from summer’s infernal heat so you can guarantee yourself a great vacation.


In the month of December, this city celebrates the international festival called “Sahara of Douz”. This festival represents the gate to the Sahara for some of the locals.

This occasion allows you to learn more about the secret lifestyle of the bedouins, their traditions, and especially their costumes. You can also taste the traditional dishes of Douz and attend the camel wrestling matches.


The island of Djerba or Houmt Souk is where you can go for a tour in the souks to buy the handcrafted pottery, leather bags and taste the delicious local cuisine. Early in the morning, you can enjoy the temperate climate of this island by drinking your coffee at the seaside or by taking a refreshing swim.

You can also go for a day trip to Ras R’mal which is a small island next to Djerba and enjoy the traditional Tunisian food in the restaurants.


A bit far away from Djerba, Zarzis is sited, a city located between the sea and the desert. The sight of palm trees when your swimming on the beaches of Zarzis makes this city’s landscapes some of the best views in the country of Tunisia.

Its visitors can go to the museum of Zarzis in the ancient church of Notre Dame de la Garde. This museum tells the history of this island and shows a lot of archaeological pieces.

Sidi Bou Said:

Sidi Bou Said stands as a permanent treasure in Tunisia’s legacy, located along the blue shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea. This lovely hamlet, with its appealing blue and white buildings, meandering cobblestone roads, and hypnotic views, has become a haven for wanderers seeking a seamless union of historical depth, cultural richness, and magnificent natural grandeur. Sidi Bou Said provides an appealing call to visitors, bringing them on an exquisite voyage of amazement and curiosity, from its charming lanes to the awe-inspiring views of the Gulf of Tunis.

El djem:

The ancient city of El Djem, also known as El Jem, is nestled in the heart of Tunisia and remains a spectacular witness to the grandeur of the Roman Empire’s impact on North Africa. At its heart is the magnificent Amphitheatre of El Jem, a massive monument that matches even Rome’s renowned Colosseum. This remarkably well-preserved amphitheater once played home to thrilling gladiatorial bouts and enthralling shows that brought ancient history to life. Today, tourists may go back in time as they explore the architectural marvel’s towering arches and galleries, imagining the lively past that once energized these stone walls.