Top 10 cities to visit in Chile

This country, located on the west coast of South America has recently become one of the most popular countries visited by tourists owing to its breathtaking scenery and its diverse landscapes.

Chile is blessed with large beaches, mountains, and many places well worth visiting. Here are some of the best cities you might want to discover in this beautiful country.

Viña Del Mar

Next to Valparaiso, on the pacific coast of chile, there’s a sophisticated city called Viña Del Mar.

Thanks to its variety of beautiful large parks, fantastic gardens, and leafy boulevards, this city has been given the name of “la Ciudad Jardin” which translates to “garden city” making it a perfect destination for nature lovers. Viña Del Mar is also home to some lovely clean beaches, restaurants, bars, and music festivals.


Located in the northwest of Santiago, overlooking the ocean, this town can be considered chile’s most stunning coastal city.

With its multi-colored clifftop houses, decaying stairways, and painted buildings. Valparaíso has been attracting art lovers now and then. Valparaíso is one of the best places to visit in the country if you want to enjoy a walk in its colorful streets and discover its antiquated bars and cafes.


Santiago or Santiago de Chile, the capital of Chile, is an energetic city with more than 6 million citizens. This fantastic city is the perfect place for those who love and appreciate the nightlife thanks to its countless fancy bars and clubs.

It’s also home to many great museums such as the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, and expensive restaurants where you can taste the delicious Chilean food.

La Serena

As the capital of the north Coquimbo region and the second oldest city in the country of Chile, la Serena has a lot to show to its visitors. This town is full of long sandy beaches and fantastic colonial and neo-colonial architecture.This city’s streets are home to many wonderful old churches and leafy boulevards.

A few kilometers away from La Serena, there are some beautiful villages and vineyards that tourists from across the world come to explore.


The sunny weather, the warm waters, and the relaxed atmosphere in Arica are what make this city the perfect place for spending your vacation. You might want to visit Arica which is also called the city of eternal spring if you want to enjoy surfing and sunbathing on its gorgeous beaches.

Aside from that, you can explore San Miguel de Azapa’s Archaeological Museum or please yourself with local food in Arica’s restaurants.

Puerto varas

With the fantastic natural setting and the two volcanoes of Osorno and Calbuco in the background, Puerto varas is easily one of the best spots to visit in Chile.

also known as “La Ciudad de las Rosas” thanks to its flowery streets, this city is home to many fun activities such as fishing, climbing, exploring the surrounding forests and rivers or simply taking a walk in the streets of Puerto varas while enjoying the city’s german architecture.

Puerto natales

The stunning landscapes and the view of the colossal mountains are what make this town perfect for nature lovers.

In fact, the city of Puerto Natales is the gateway to the famous Torres del Paine National Park which is visited by more than 250 000 people every year to explore its variety of forests and lakes. Tourists or locals here in Puerto Natales, can also enjoy discovering the Milodon Cave or trying the delicious Chilean food.

Hanga Roa

Hanga Roa is a small and quiet village located on the famous easter island. Now and then, people from across the world come to see the great Moai stones that guard the territory of the island.

Hanga Roa welcomes many visitors in its airports, hotels, and restaurant and that’s why it’s the perfect stop for those who would like to explore the easter island and have fun at the same time by swimming in the surrounding white sandy beaches.


The city of Pucón, known as chile’s capital for adventure sports is among the best destinations for food lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Here in Pucón, you may have fun and stay in good shape with this long list of sporty activities including rafting, canyoning, and hiking While enjoying the breathtaking views and natural landscapes. Take the chance while in Pucón and enjoy the traditional Mapuche cuisine at the local restaurants.


This city is your best destination if you want to learn more about the Mapuche and the cultural heritage of the indigenous people that live in this land. by climbing the Ñielol Hill, you can get a good view of the whole city and see some of the ancient hidden traditional buildings

here in Temuco, you can go for a walk and visit the colorful markets that sell many handcrafted products or explore the Conguillio National Park in the countryside.