Top 10 tourist cities in italy

Italy is among the most visited destinations in Europe thanks to it being home to many tourist sites and attractions. Some of Italy’s cities are well known for various reasons while others are less famous, but they still hide some pleasant surprises. Pack your bags and head to Verona if you’re a fan of the romantic atmosphere that this city holds.

If Rome seems too popular for you, the discreet city of Siena or Pisa will give you unforgettable memories. Through this article, you can learn more about the top 10 tourist cities in Italy.


Venice is an archipelago composed of more than 100 islands. It is famous for its streets lined with water which makes traveling in gondolas the main way of transportation. Take a seat in one of this city’s gondolas and stroll through the alleys of Venice.

Visit saint mark and let yourself be impressed by the gorgeous architecture of the Basilica of Saint Mark, the richness of the Correr Museum, or the beauty of the Doge’s Palace. Also, do not leave Venice without a stop on the mythical Rialto Bridge.


The capital of Italy, Rome, will not give you any trouble if you are looking for some tourist attractions.

The Vatican has a lot of secrets to hand over to you and to access it you will need to pass Saint Peter’s Square and its 280 columns, its Egyptian obelisk, and its 145 statues of saints. With its museums, gardens, and chapels, the Vatican is a place where the mystery remains complete.

You can also visit the Coliseum, the most popular historical monument in the city of Rome. This amphitheater, built around 80 AD will impress you with its capacity estimated at more than 50,000 seats.


In Naples, you can visit the ruins of the emblematic city of Pompeii.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this city is located in the southeast of the Old Town, a 30-minute drive away.

Treat yourself to a journey through centuries of history and visit the city and its numerous monuments, the great theatre, the amphitheater, the temple of Isis, and the temple of Apollo. From Naples, you can also visit the island of Capri. Get yourself on a ferry and explore the cliffs and caves of this rugged island.


Turin is considered one of the most touristic cities in Italy. Once you step into it, you understand why. Turin, the capital of the Piedmont region, is a city with a refined style.

The buildings are built according to baroque architecture and the palaces are more imposing than each other. Piazza Castello square will welcome you majestically with its monuments such as the Royal Palace, the Madame Palace, or the Royal Theatre. You can also stroll through Valentino Park, where medieval fortresses stretch out along the banks of the Po River.


Capital of the Lombardy region, the city of Milan is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

Not far from Milan city center, you can find the Sforza Castle which is home to several museums, including a museum of ancient art, an archaeology museum, a furniture museum, and a museum of musical instruments. An hour’s drive from the city center, you can reach Lake Como and discover the sumptuous Villa Carlotta, an impressive botanical garden built on an area of seven hectares.

Before leaving the city, go through the fashion quadrilateral where you will come across a set of four shopping streets where you can visit the most luxurious shops in the city.


The city of Verona reminds most of its visitors of the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Start your visit by crossing the threshold of Juliette’s house, a baroque-style building that later became a museum in 1905.

Afterward, you can visit the huge gardens of Giardino Giusti and its labyrinths that impress every visitor.

You can also visit Ponte Pietra, this Roman stone bridge that crosses the Adige is one of the most romantic places in Verona. Standing on its heights at dawn or sunset is a fabulous experience.


The capital of Sicily, Palermo, is a city that impresses people from all over the world with its architectural style and monuments.

If you visit the Cathedral of Palermo, your eyes will face a mixture of architectural styles: Gothic, Catalan, Byzantine, and neoclassical.

Constructed in the XII? century, the Cathedral is astonishing from the outside and filled with mysteries from the inside including precious stones and historical pieces.

Few kilometers away from Palermo, you can find the beach of Mondello, where you can sunbathe in the white sand or swim in the Tyrrhenian Sea.


The city of Pisa is most known for its tour and its inclination.

After observing this circular building, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption presents itself in all its elegance. It is entirely covered with white marble.

In Pisa, the promenade of Piazza Dei Cavalieri is home to several buildings, the Palazzo Della Carovana, the church of Santo Stefano, the Palazzo Della Canonica, and the Palazzo del Orologio. Finish your visit with the ancient fortress, the Giardino Scotto which is now a game air with several activities.


The capital of Liguria, Genoa, is a port city located in the northwest of Italy. This city is home to many historic buildings.

Discover Boccadasse and its colorful buildings, a fishing village located by the sea, where you can visit numerous restaurants that offer local specialties. Not far from the port of the old town, you can discover more than 12,000 animal and plant species in the aquarium of Genoa. To bring your curiosity to period costumes, head to Strada Nuova, a collection of three museums.


Piazza del Campo is the central square of Siena. Every year, in July and August, horse races are held in this curved arena. It is a spectacle that attracts many people every year.

If you are a wine lover, you will not resist visiting the vineyards of Chianti. If you are not afraid of the altitude, you can go to Tuscany from Siena, in a hot-air balloon.